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Volts IT offers a broad range of business solutions and technology services to help clients in achieving their business goals. We believe in value creation with primary focus on harnessing intellectual resources to get the maximum value out of IT spending. Despite a global slowdown, we continued on a growth path because we develop Bright People with Right Skills to deliver Brilliant Solutions to our clients. The strength, we possess in servicing our client is based on our core-competencies.

Cloud Services

Acess your entire infrastructure comfortably through your own personal computer. Lightweight and reliable migration from us can help you advance your present cloud database or introduce you to some of it's adavantages.


Artificial Intelligencet

Is your bussiness built on work that is repetitive and somehow quality assessment doesn't follow a predicatable trend? Automation and focused AI will save you money and precious time.



Customer care about transparency and how a company operates more each day. A truly revolutionary approach to achieving this that benefits the company and it's client base positively is no longer a dream.


Software Consulting

Have a dream of revolutionizing the future? A truly disruptive idea the cloud change life as we know it? Work with a team of dedicated professionals that can meet those expectations.



Make your product's security as bulletproof as the amazing project your's working on. Prevention beats cure time after time and we at Themesoft understand the responsibility our clients place in our hands.


Consulting Services

Volts IT, Our services in the web solutions and the manpower recruitment, training, and placement; we also provide the consulting services in the above mentioned fields. Like all our services, the consulting services also remain active all the time. Our experts are well versed in consulting. In the first place, we listen to the problems of the clients. We analyze the pros and cons of their businesses, and we put forth the suggestions only when we have carved out the best solutions. Truly speaking, we understand the problems only when we fully listen to the clients. And, it is this reason that we render sufficient time to explain and discuss the problems of the clients.

It may be somewhat difficult for the new clients to believe our incredible achievements and expertise; however, each time the clients cast the words of acclaims once they receive our services. Our services are easily accessible to all our clients, and even in odd hours, our clients will never leave unattended.


We are leading provider of custom application and end-to-end IT service.